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Paris-based choreographer Blanca Li brought her latest dance production, louboutin uk Robot, to Brooklyn last night for its big U.S. premiere. saks avenue For 90 minutes, guests watched as tiny robots danced to a 10-member mechanical orchestra and mimicked human dancers to an almost startling degree, manolo blahnik shoes all while wearing Louboutin heels. Every time a robot fell to the floor and pushed itself back up, the audience broke into applause. "It was touching," louboutin flats said Visionaire's Cecilia Dean. "Especially the duet with the man and the robot. I think I could have a kid...if it was a robot." Li and Dean have known gold shoes each other since the '90s, when the dancer did a nude photo shoot with Karl Lagerfeld for Visionaire.

After the show, christian loubutin the crowd wandered upstairs at BAM's Howard Gilman Opera House for cocktail hour. Li, in a long turquoise gown that matched the dancers' costumes and Louboutin heels, louboutin pigalle told, "I am so relaxed now; I almost died before. It's a big risk." The artist added, "I'm so happy the robots dance well, the machines play well, the dancers dance well." On the opposite side of the christian loboutin room, Christian Louboutin mingled with Waris Ahluwalia and Maria Cornejo, among others. "Even if you don't like ballet, shoes sale there's such a sense of humanity," said Louboutin about the show. Does he think fashion designers will ever start making clothes for robots? "I guess so!" he laughed. "At one point someone italian shoes will have to do the job."
Women's Wear Daily reported Wednesday christian louboutin bag that the shoe designer, known for his outrageous high heels, is making the foray into the beauty game with a line of nail polishes, christian louboutin so kate set to launch Aug. 6.

It's a fitting step for the designer, christian louboutin size chart who used an actual bottle of nail polish to get the color for his signature red soles. After the idea was suggested to him, the move actually loboutin seemed pretty obvious. "It made sense to me... a lot of signs were there,"
Of course, they're Louboutin nail polishes, louboutin pumps so don't expect to see them in your local drug store -- one bottle will set you back $50. christian louboutin logo But when you compare that to a $1,200 shoe... it almost seems like a bargain. The jury is out on how many bottles it would take to paint the bottom of a pair of shoes, louboutin online but we're pretty sure it would still be less than one pair of Loubs.

Head to WWD for all the details, louboutin outlet and please excuse us while we prepare our nails for the excitement.
As Rihanna can certainly attest after her lawsuit with Topshop, few things are worse for a person or brand than having its image used without consent christian laboutin. Today's big name fighting an unwarranted association? Christian Louboutin.

The luxury shoe label was irked to discover its signature red sole adorning the posters of Flemish anti-Islam group Women Against Islamisation, shoes with red soles and it won an injunction in court on Monday in Antwerp, the Guardian reports. See the offending ad below



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